A few evening visitors

So I had a happenstance meeting with fellow Herbie, Carla, last week while at the Arboretum for “Yoga in the Garden”.  She told me that herself & Nora were at the Arboretum a few evenings prior & were wondered by some very tiny frogs in the fountain near the perennial gardens & also by a hummingbird moth.  I went in search & uncovered both the baby frogs & tadpoles, along with the beautiful hummingbird moth.  I had only seen one other hummingbird moth a few years ago in my herb garden & had done some research online at that time, so I was able to identify it.  It is a moth & no relation to the hummingbird, but it really does look like a small hummingbird.  Look for them in the evening in your herb gardens.  And don’t forget to enjoy these first days of Autumn.