March 2019 Recipe of the Month

   Cheese Tart (aka Quiche) with Mushrooms, Onion, Spinach, a touch of Bacon and 2 Cheeses — Parmesan and Asiago  Shirley Mah Kooyman brought this wonderful dish … Read More

Herbie Winter Holiday Party

 The Herbies were out celebrating the Winter Season at the Pillsbury A Mill Artist Loft during our holiday party.  Thanks to JoDee for sharing her … Read More

The Magic of the Tree Elves

Just a few more shots from the greenhouse where magical creations come to life.  Just a little magic with hops, birchbark, and feathers make things … Read More

Winter Medicine Workshop

We may have had cold and snow, but that didn’t dampen our spirits as we learned how to handcraft Winter Medicine with our guest speaker, … Read More

Tree Elves in Action

The Tree Elves are at it again, foraging for cool items to make our natural ornaments for the holiday tree that will be up after … Read More