A Quilt that took 74 years to complete

Since its been a little cool the last few night & extra coverings were needed on the bed,  I was recalled a conversation that I had with another Herb Society member, Shirley E.  She was telling me about a quilt that was given to her mother many moons ago.
“The embroidered center quilt blocks were given to my mother by ladies in her church and farm community in 1940.  They were a farewell gift as my parents were moving from Nebraska to Iowa.  My mother was a seamstress, but not a quilter, so the squares were carefully tucked away until her death in 1999.  It then took me until 2014 to finally decide on a pattern and complete the quilt.”
The beauty and the simplicity of these embroidered squares were a lovely gift.  I can imagine the dear friends of Shirley’s mom bent over their embroidery hoops each evening, stitching these various flowers, some perhaps with tears in their eyes.  It’s a sweet long story of friendship that is now finally complete, 74 years after it first began.