* All a’round the full moon *

Full  Moon over Two Harbors, MN  09.12.2011  7:28pm

Just in case you are wondering, the Full Moon is this Thursday, 19 September, 2013 at 6:12:48 am (CDT).  Check out this website.  * All a’round the full moon *    You can sign up to receive an email to inform you a few days before the full moon, as long as fun Full Moon enlightenment.  I signed up about 5-6 months ago & am not getting any additional junk mail, so I recommend it if you want to know ahead of time when the “lunies” are going to come out. 

Addtionally, at the Arboretum this Thursday, 6-8:00 is the Japanese Moon Viewing in the Grass Collection.  I’ve gone several years & it is a beautiful evening.