April 2020 Recipe of the Month

High Calcium Tea Blend

JoDee S. share this recipe which features the Herb of the Year, Raspberry.
Originally from Herb Mixtures and Spicy Blends by Deborah L. Balmuth.
A nice hot beverage to savor as we transition from Winter to Spring.

2 ounces dried nettle leaves
2 ounces dried oatstraw
2 ounces dried chamomile flowers
1 ounce dried alfalfa
1 ounce dried horsetail
1 ounce dried red raspberry leaves
1 ounce dried spearmint leaves (or more, to taste)

Mix up dried herb tea blend and store in an airtight container. 

To prepare tea, use one teaspoon per one cup boiling water. Infuse, covered, for 10 minutes.