Art in Bloom 2024

Corinthian Helmet

Members of the Minnesota Herb Society have been participating in Art in Bloom since 1985. This year Bonnie Hector, Debra Carpenter, Kelley Satoski, Deb Nedden and Carla Jefferson interpreted an ancient Greek Helmet.

Art in Bloom is an annual event at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. It runs April 25, 26, 27, and 28.

We see brutality and elegance as contrasting forces in this piece. Our interpretation features our favorite herbs.


Our interpretation features Yarrow, 2024 Herb of the Year. Latin name Achillea millefolium so named for the Greek hero Achilles who was said to have used yarrow medicinally to stop bleeding and to heal the wounds of his soldiers.

The elegant lines and craftmanship of the helmet contrasts with its use in battle. Our interpretation echoes these elements using flowers in blood red and bone white with our favorite herbs including yarrow, interspersed.