Capsicum, Capsicum, Capsicum

Blk Czech

Black Czech

Japanese Takonotsume

Japanese Takonotsume

untitledJust a few of the peppers that I grew this year.  From the top; Anaheim, Japanese Takonotsume Chili, Mohawk (yellow), Variegated Tricolor (the smallest pepper on the plate), Black Czech, and 2 Jalapenos.  My long time favorite is the Black Czech (far right pic). This beautiful little conical pepper is black but then matures to this beautiful little garnet, prettier than any jewel.  While the Japanese Takonotsume (center pic), also known as Hawk’s Claw is supposedly a great drying pepper. It’s a new pepper for me that I found on our spring Nursery Tour. It has a beautiful windswept look and is actually growing this way in my garden.

Herbies, send me pics of the peppers you are growing.  I’d love to feature them in the blog.