A day celebrating Hops

Lucky for us, we didn’t get sleepy on our drive home, as our cars were filled with hops, which have been used to induce sleep.  We had an absolutely wonderful day learning about hops at the Country Bitters Hops Farm in Center City, MN, just outside of Lindstrom.  Russ & Paula Oehme took us to their hops fields, harvested some hops and showed us the processing of the hops into the pellets that breweries use for beer.  They were wonderful hosts and we learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed seeing this beautiful and useful herb. Country Bitters Herb Farm donated a few bines of hops for use in our dream pillows which will be sold during our sales.  Thanks to Russ & Paula – you made us very “hoppy”.    www.CountryBittersHopsFarm.com