Ginger Tea

Fresh Ginger Root Tea

Just had to share this recipe of Mary N.’s. She brought it to our Planting Day Luncheon and it was delicious.



Fresh ginger root, about 1 inch of ginger per cup of water

Honey, sugar, or lemon juice, to taste


Peel ginger with a teaspoon or can be left unpeeled.
Slice and place in a large heat proof container such as a Pyrex measuring cup.
Heat water to boiling and pour over ginger and let it steep until cool.
Pour into a container including the ginger root.
At this point Mary adds additional water. You may want to make it once first, taste it and add water if it is too strong for you. Mary encourages you to make it your own.

Refrigerate at least a day.

Before serving, remove ginger root.

Add a sweetener of your choice or lemon juice to taste.
Serve and enjoy.

You can also freeze some of the tea as ice cubes. 

Nora with garlic

This beautiful garlic was growing at the farm at the Arb May 16, 2023