Lilac Simple Syrup

Beg, Borrow, or Steal some lilacs to make this delicious lilac simple syrup.  Too easy to make and too good to pass up.  Take about 4 Cups of lilac florets ( about 8-9 blooms).  Remove all green parts as they will cause bitterness. This by the way is not a bad job as the scent of the lilacs will surround you.  Rinse florers thoroughly.  Heat 2 Cups water and dissolve 2 Cups sugar into it.  Heat mixture on low heat and add lilac florets into water. Keep on low heat  for 30-60 minutes.  Turn off heat and let florets steep for about 8 hours.  Strain mixture and refrigerate.   Great for adult cocktails  or add to lemonade or tonic water for a beautiful refreshing spring dtink.  Enjoy!