May 2017 President’s Message

The Labyrinth at the Desert Botanical Gardens.

A neighborhood Labyrinth in Deephaven.

Labyrinth at St. Martin’s by the Lake.

I’ve been thinking of labyrinths lately. We found a beautiful  labyrinth in the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix this past winter.  I don’t recall it being there on prior visits, but it was a stunning piece of art;  a graphite and white tile path with graphite infinity fountains surrounding it.  We walked that labyrinth and then just sat quiet and enjoyed the passing of a few minutes.  I heard about labyrinths a number of years ago and they always intrigued me.  The slow purposeful steps of walking towards one’s center and then out to the world again.  After all, isn’t that what our lives are.  The labyrinth reminds me of the spiral of life, a spiritual symbol seen in ancient & contemporary Native American artwork.  And it reminds me of the constant turning of the earth and of the seasons.

I was at a concert a few weeks ago by a singer songwriter that I have been listening to for close to 30 years. David Wilcox is not only a great singer, but also a wonderful story teller.  He ended the concert with a very old song that I remember hearing years ago at one of his concerts.  It made me think of the giant circle we are on – this circle of life.  And it reminded me of a giant labyrinth that we all walk every day.  Some days with intention, some days just getting through.  And so, here we are, in the springtime again.  The magnolia trees are in bloom, the spring peepers are peeping, the daffodils, hyancinths, and tulips are up and the earth is warming.  May 6 is the annual World Labyrinth Day.  There are 300+ labyrinths in MN.  Nora informed me about a year ago of one at the Arboretum (it’s hidden just outside the 2nd floor entry of the Great Hall – I never knew it was there).  Take a breath, enjoy the spring,, and walk a labyrinth sometime this May.  To find a labyrinth near you, You’ll be amazed at how many are in your own backyard.  Enjoy & send us a pic of you in the center of a labyrinth.

“When you’re looking at the sunshine from the earth, the light does come and go. But when you’re looking at the earthshine from the sun, it’s quite a different show.  He said it’s time you know.  That I am the sunshine.  You are the sunshine.  We are the sunshine.  Help me understand.  We are the sunshine on the land.”

David Wilcox

Labyrinth @ MN Landscape Arboretum.

Entrance to the Labyrinth @ MN Landscape Arboretum.