Planting Day 2014 – Well, Kind Of

Nicholas Culpeper hopped into the “Back to the Future” DeLorian Time Machine and made a surprise visit to our spring meeting.  The renowned botanist explained the virtues of nettle, both stinging nettle and archangel, to the “brazen” Herbies present.  For more info on this 17th century botanist, check out this link @ Nicholas Culpeper bio.  
While we may have been rained out of planting, we had a wonderful luncheon with some traditional May Wine & delicious & nutritious food.  Yes, we are all about the food.

Here’s a link to the recipe that I used for the Mai Wein.  
The only thing I added was 4 Tbsp cognac, 
as in the past when I’ve made this spring wine, 
I had used a recipe with cognac.