As I was driving home this evening, I saw a beautiful full moon rising.   Shortly after that, I heard Garrison Keillor state on Writer’s Almanac that today was the start of the ancient Roman festival, Saturnalia.  I have been reading a book that Nora brought to our attention while we were doing our Green Man decorations for the tree, The Winter Solstice, The Sacred Traditions of Christmas  by John Matthews.  The book states that Saturnalia was celebrated from about the second century B.C. to fourth century A.D.  Saturn was the Roman god of agriculture & time & it’s believed his name came from the Latin word satus (to sow). Saturnalia lasted from December 17 thru December 24th and apparently was a time of “rioutous assemblage of fun, laughter, & gift giving.”   It is worth mentioning during this cold, dark time of year.  The Solstice is next week & while there is darkness & cold, this is also a reason to celebrate.  The sun will be coming back soon.  So celebrate & enjoy these last days of darkness with light.