Shady Acres & Hortulus

We always have a fun time during our March meeting.  It’s our tradition to hold this meeting at Shady Acres Herb Farm.  Shady Acres Herb Farm .  Theresa Mieseler from Shady Acres shared information about cloister gardens.  
“Cloister  – courtyard enclosed by a cloister or courtyard, open to the sky, enclosed by walls of the church & covered arcaded walkways of the monastic residential building.  Monks could pray & meditate & enjoy fresh air without leaving the monastery.  A fountain is set at the center of the crossed path that divide the garden in quadrants, each with a grass lawn & divided ornamental flower beds.”                             “Plants of the Four Seasons”.  H.N. Abrams.  
The Cloister Garden at the MN Landscape Arboretum is being redesigned.  Theresa shared her vision for this special garden.  Of special interest to me was the Hortulus garden.  Hortulus was written by Walafrid Straebo, who lived from 808-849 on the border between Germany & Austria.  He was a monk, a gardener, & a writer.  Hortulus or Little Garden is a work about the joys & woes of his medieval garden.  I am doing a little more research on Walafrid Strabo, so stay tuned.