So I was visiting with a friend today & she saw a pic that I had posted on Facebook of me & my grandson dividing some Bleeding Hearts to give to my dear mother in law.  My friend told me that she remembered a story about the Bleeding Hearts that someone told her when she was a child.  She wasn’t sure of the exact story, but we Googled it & found a great story to tell kids while taking apart a Bleeding Heart.  I came home tonight & pulled a few hearts to try it.  Since the Bleeding Hearts are beautiful right now, give it a try.  In case you haven’t heard the story, here goes.

There was a beautiful princess & a handsome prince.  The prince loved the princess & wanted to marry her, but she said NO.  So he decided to give her some presents to win her over.  First he gave her 2 cute pink bunnies.  She still said NO.  Then he gave her a pair of dazzling, dangling earrings.  She still said NO.  Then he gave her 2 beautiful spoons with porridge in them.  She still said NO.  Finally, he was so bereft, he took a sword & stabbed himself in the heart.  To this day, his heart still bleeds. 

I can’t wait to tell my grandson this story.  He will love it, as last summer he called both the Bleeding Hearts & my Love Lies Bleeding plants the “Blood” plants.  I think he was fascinated by the “Blood”.  Btw, the halves the heart also are the dangling earrings.