Spring Meeting at Shady Acres Herb Farm

Theresa once again have a wonderful presentation on”Herbs Gone Wild” & possible containment of those herbs.  She also informed us of an air borne mildew disease attacking basil plants (sounds similar to that impacting impatiens).  Unfortunately, Genovese basil is only one of the basils impacted by this disease that had been traveling north for several years.  There are several somewhat resistant basils though. Theresa told us that varieties of Thai & Holy Basils are resistant, along with Mrihani Basil. So be aware when you but basil this spring and watch for new varieties of basil and give them a try.   Check out the Shady Acres Plant Catalog for additional info.As is our custom at Shady Acres Herb Farm, we ended our meeting with a delicious compilation of herby foods.  Happy Spring.