The Tree Elves Were Busy This Week

The Tree Elves were busy this week.  Check.out this week’s creations.  The Tree week be going up next Tuesday, so check back for more pics.  I’ll post a few more up close pics of the creations this weekend. 
Jill’s sweet felted nests.
Patty making nests for the garland.
Bev & the start of a sumac bird.
Shirley, feathers, & birch bark.
Natalie’s swans.

Sue is at it again, creating garland with handspun yarn & nests.
Check out these adorable pinecone birds that Jan was making.
Jodee is hard at work making a loofah bird.  Loofah is a plant that I may have to try growing next year.
The finished Loofah bird.
Nora is working on a beautiful birch bark egg.